The electronic working hours control system, or EDLUS, tracks and accumulates any type of information about the personnel working at a construction site by recording the time when each person arrives and leaves the construction site.
EDLUS makes it possible to track employees in real time via the InPass cloud server. It makes it easy to export company data to other management systems using an API.
The InPass solution is tailor-made for companies in the construction industry, but it can also be used by any company that needs electronic time tracking.

InPass working hours control unit


The EDLUS unit is installed at construction sites or any other site where it is necessary to track working time.

It registers any type of information about the personnel working, recording the start and end times of work as well as breaks.

The unit is activated by a special card which records the time upon activation. The data are automatically transferred to a single system.

The company rents the unit instead of having to purchase it.

InPass working hours control application

InPass_edlus app

The EDLUS application can be easily and efficiently used on construction sites or any other objects where electronic time tracking is needed. It is installed on a smartphone or tablet, which makes the process of tracking working hours easy and mobile.

Each employee whose working hours must be recorded activates the application with a special card, and the data are automatically transferred to a single system.

The use of the application is a paid service subject to a fixed monthly fee.

Key advantages:

Unit Application
Real-time analysis and control of remote employees, departments and affiliates
Increase of employee productivity and discipline
Recording of work and check-outs using NFC/RFID cards or stickers
Simple and quick installation
Android device support
The system meets the requirements of the law "On Taxes and Duties", Chapter XIV "Electronic Recording of Information at a Construction Site and Use Thereof"
Individual approach and solution depending on the company's specifics and needs
Electrical connection required
The system can be integrated with accounting, ERP and other systems


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