InPass offers a system that provides real-time information on the main climate parameters of the room - temperature, relative humidity and pressure of the air. The solution will be suitable not only for manufacturing companies, but also for your office, apartment or private house and other.

It is possible to connect different sensors to the InPass system. The obtained data is accumulated and analyzed online on the customer portal.

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Main benefits:

  • instant information in the event of anomalies (sms, voice call or e-mail);
  • easy and quick installation;
  • the ability to add any sensor to the InPass system;
  • a more accurate assessment of the benefits or losses of the room

Our systems are already in use for:

  • refrigerating equipment and freezers monitoring;
  • server room monitoring;
  • room humidity monitoring;
  • differential pressure monitoring;
  • air pressure monitoring;
  • fluid pressure monitoring;


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